Commenting on the RSS chief Mohan Bagwat’s statement, that their country is a “Hindu Rashtra

Commenting on the RSS chief Mohan Bagwat’s statement, that their country is a “Hindu Rashtra

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Srinagar: November 14, 2016: Commenting on the RSS chief Mohan Bagwat’s statement, that their country is a “Hindu Rashtra”, Joint resistance leadership Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik said that this is not only the words but all their deeds and actions testify this statement. Leaders said that we should be thankful to them as they, from time to time, veil off their deceitful face of so-called democracy and secularism and justify our movement. Pro-freedom leaders said that in Hindu Rashtra only Hindus can live and that is the reason all minorities particularly Muslims are forced to leave this country. They said that we cannot live in a country which claims to be the Hindu Rashtra. To safeguard our culture, race, ethnicity and especially our religion, we demand and fight for the freedom from India, which has been promised by India itself and accepted by the international community. Leaders said that fascist forces like RSS and others try every weapon in their armory to forcibly and military occupy this land—but people of Jammu and Kashmir have never accepted this unjust rule and its sovereignty, and are fighting the brute oppression for the last 70 years. Leaders said that although disputed nature of this land is accepted and acknowledged by international community—but haughtiness and lardiness of India has always backtracked from their own promises and forcibly muzzled every pro-freedom voice for the last 7 decades. Strongly criticizing the RSS demand to crush the freedom loving people with iron fist; leaders said that the local stooges have already done this even without anybody’s suggestions and they are building their castles over our dead bodies. Pro-freedom leaders said that local faces of this oppression, despite holding big degrees and claiming to be the legal experts, are more than happily playing as the mean and cunning stooges. They said that these belly slaves have such a lust of power, which they proudly act, shamelessly and outrageously to retain their illusionary and deceitful fame, at the cost of blood and flesh of their own people. They even do not hesitate to slaughter the whole nation to fulfill the ill and dirty designs of their allied partners in crime. Leaders said that calling the public uprising and protest, against the brutality of rulers, a joke, these beasts in human skin have placed themselves in line with the horehounds tyrants. Being legal luminaries and, so-called constitutional experts and in know of the realities about the Kashmir issue, these knowledgeable blinds side with the false and deceptive narrative of the armed occupier. They feel amused to willfully shield the bloodshed of innocents for the last so many decades. Resistance Leaders said that fascist forces need not to directly implement their communal and anti-Muslims agenda here in a Muslim populated land, so they always find these sellable faces, to speak and act on their behalf, encouraging the long list of Abdullas, Muftis, Beighs and Akhters who using their “scholarly” image to parrot their rhetoric. Leaders once gain cautioned these ironclads that no matter how long and dark the shadows of slavery and brutality are, they have to vanish in any case and the tyrants and fraudulents can’t stand the glory and glaze of truth and reality.  (K N O )