'Elif will be a new dawn of learning', promises MD Elif learning Academy | KNO

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'Elif will be a new dawn of  learning', promises MD Elif learning Academy | KNO

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27th Dec 2016, a newly set educational institute, Elif Learning Academy, held its inaugural function at its head-office Karan Nagar. Its main objective, apart from the teaching general prescribed curriculum, is to impart 3 sublime attributes in students, which, as its director, Asif Sultan puts in, have been identical qualities of all the great personalities of the human history, as punch line of the institute goes: Curiosity, Creativity and Critical thinking. 

Waqas Khan, primarily an Eduaction activistand  Elif's managing director, has almost seven years of experience in training  in Public Speaking, Personality Development, Creative Writing, besides teaching English as a language in many reputed institutes. Moreover, he has given training to teachers in many educational institutes, which has given them a prolific effect. "I personally am well aquainted with innumerable problems of today's  student of the valley, be it problem with their attitude: lack of belief in themselves and confidence; or be it the way they're seeking the education through. We intend to address these problems and provide a congenial atmosphere for learning", He said while addressing the audience. 
Asif Sultan, the director of the institute, has done masters in English Literature and has been working in a prominent school of the valley. He has experience in the education field for over 5 years. He said, in his speech, "Curiosity and Critical approach is the begining of all the sciences, so it is very important trait a student must have in order to be great and contribute something towards society". "General Curriculum is taught in every school and institute and we shall try our best in teaching it with the help of our experienced staff; but it's not the end, our aim is to instill crave for learning in youth and help them to discover themselves", he added.