'Mujahideen Leadership' must revisit strategy to minimize causalities : DeM | KNO

India committing genocide in JK to change demography
'Mujahideen Leadership' must revisit strategy to minimize causalities : DeM | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday said that India has decided to commit genocide after genocide in Kashmir with an aim to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir. She said that after failing to do it by settling the outsiders in JK, India was now murdering civilians here to change the population ratio.

“It is evident to all how Indian forces have renewed its brutal strategy for the past 15 days. Everyday innocent civilians are murdered on the pretext of gunfights with Mujahideen. Whole of south Kashmir, from Sirgufwara to Bejbehara, Shopian to Kulgam, Islamabad to Pulwama, has been turned into a battlefield and innocent civilians are being massacred on daily basis,” DeM spokesperson, Rifat Fatima, said in a statement. She said that in past few days as many as 75 innocent civilians were targeting and injured critically.

“ Many of them have achieved martyrdom while many other are battling for life in the hospitals,” she said. “This genocide is being committed to change the demography of JK. Indian forces want to kill the Muslims here so that they can change the population ratio of this Muslim-dominated region,” she added. In this regard, she said, I appeal the Kashmiri (including Azad Jammu and Kashmir) and Pakistani diaspora settled across the world to take a serious note of this situation and launch a ferocious campaign against this brutal Indian oppression. “They should make the recent report on Human Rights violations by India in Kashmir basis of their movement and should urge the UN and the world bodies to impress upon India to end its 70-year-old occupation and brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir,” she added. She said that need is to take this issue seriously as one should take into consideration that 2-3 civilians or Mujahideen are being martyred by Indian forces on daily basis.

“ Anyone (a civilian or a Mujahid) who dies means that the population of Muslims decreases day by day,” she added. She further urged the Mujahideen leadership to change their strategy In Kashmir. “ This aim is that enemy should suffer maximum losses but here a Mujahid or two is martyred on daily basis. The leadership has to change their strategy soon as possible. What is happening in Kashmir cannot be termed as a fruitful armed struggle as only our children are achieving martyrdom and there is no loss of the enemy. There is a serious need to change the strategy,” Rifat urged the Mujahideen leadership.

“ The precious lives of Mujahideen and that those of the innocent youth who come out to save trapped Mujahideen have to be saved. Leadership has to take a serious step in this regard because it is their prime responsibility,” she added. Rifat further paid glowing tributes two Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) mujahideen, including Divisional Commander Hafiz Abdul Shakoor Dar who achieved martyrdom in Cheddar village in Qaimoh. “Both the Mujahideen were brave soldiers of Islam who laid their lives for this pious cause. May the Allah SWT accept their martyrdom and grant them highest place in Janat-ul-Firdaus.

May the Allah SWT give patience to the families of these martyrs,” she added. She also praised the people of the area who held massive protests demanding the bodies of the Mujahideen. “ They way people protests and were successful in getting back the bodies from the occupational forces and the participation of lakhs of people in the funeral prayers later on , only proves how much people value their martyrs and this pious cause,” she added.