JDU criticises Republic TV for treating every Kashmiri as terrorist | KNO

Arnab is totally biased when it comes to Kashmir: Shaheen
JDU criticises Republic TV for treating every Kashmiri as terrorist | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

SRINAGAR, Jun 27 (KNO) : Janta Dal United JD (U) State President G M Shaheen, today strongly criticized the National Channel Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami for treating and promoting every Kashmiri people as ‘Terrorist’ through its Channel by organizing debates on the daily base to defame the image of the people of Kashmir valley and said, “We know very well that you are seriously prejudiced and biased when it comes to Kashmir.

” Shaheen while addressing the media at party headquarters Rajbagh Srinagar said, “Whenever the debate on Kashmir issue is brought with participation of local personalities, it is dragged to an inflexion point. The erratic behavior and the harsh language at times don’t behave the media fraternity. What kind of message you (Arnab) want to convey about Kashmiri people who are facing harassment across the nation through you Channel by provocating and misleading the innocent the people of nation against the Kashmiris who are living, trading and studying in various parts of the country for their no fault. Do you treat them (all Kashmir) as terrorist? You will be the wholly responsible and accountable, if any attack or lynching case like incident will happen across the nation in future.”

“Such kinds of debates have totally defamed in image of nationalist Kashmiri people who are living in various parts of the state and abroad,” he added and criticized Goswami's stance on this sensitive issue which will direct threat to the people of the Kashmiri people residing and trading in other of the states. He further lashed out at Arnab Goswami for calling every Kashmiri as terrorists and pro-Pakistan which is against the ethics of Journalism.