People’s unflinching support, sacrifices for K-movement commendable : DeM | KNO

Pays tribute to Shaheed Sajad, Shaheed Faizan
People’s unflinching support, sacrifices for K-movement commendable : DeM | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Saturday said that role played by the people to save the Mujahideen who were trapped in Chatpora, Pulwama is yet another chapter in the glorious history of sacrifices people have made for this pious cause. Paying tributes to the martyred Mujahid who achieved martyrdom there and praising the people for what they did during the gunfight, DeM spokesperson, Rifat Fatima, said that Kashmiri people keep on showing to the world their unflinching love for the Mujahideen and this resistance movement.

“While people protest against occupation at many places across the world but in Kashmir, the people are setting a glorious example of how resistance against the illegal occupation should be put up. While Mujahideen battle it out using guns, people here, without caring about their lives, are fighting the Indian forces bare handed,” she said in a statement. She said that despite ban on internet and restrictions on peoples’ movement, people make it sure they reach the gunfight places to save their trapped brethren. Rifat said that in yesterday’s case, a young boy, Faizan Poswal, from Ladhoo was killed in brute manner.

“ These trigger happy occupational forces shamelessly killed this innocent child in cold blood,” she added. She said that several Mujahideen managed to escape from the place, however, a great Mujahid, Sajad Ahmad Shah from Chogal, Handwara achieved martyrdom. Rifat said that people deserve salutation for what they do for the Mujahideen and this movement. “Glowing tributes have to be paid to the Faizan. We salute his parents and pray that the Allah SWT gives them patience to bear this loss and May He SWT grant highest place in Jannah,” she added. “ May the Allah SWT give patience to the parents and wife of martyr Sajad Ahmad Shah and may He SWT keep his children under his rightful watch and bless them with his choicest blessings in this world and in the hereafter,” she added. She said that people have to prepare for the final war against India so that India is forced to act upon the UN resolutions calling for the plebiscite in Kashmir.

“This is imperative to save the lives of our young children and for peace in Jammu and Kashmir,” she added. Rifat further said that two high level delegations of the DeM visited the residences of martyr Sajad and martyr Faizan in Handwara and Ladhoo respectively to pay homage and express solidarity with the bereaved families. She said that the delegation urged the families to be patient and also talked about the philosophy of martyrdom. “ The delegations also asked the families and the people present there to remain steadfast in this fight against the Illegal Indian occupation and also urged them to follow the Islamic teachings in letter and spirit,” she added.