Joint meeting by Army, police abut Kashmiri youth a futile exercise : DeM | KNO

Shifting Aasiyeh, others to Mandoli jail political vendetta
Joint meeting by Army, police abut Kashmiri youth a futile exercise : DeM | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Reacting to the meeting of top officers of Indian occupational army and their local collaborator forces, in south Kashmir to discuss the and find ways of stopping youth from joining the mujahideen; and the assembling of people around the encounter sites to help mujahideen escape, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Wednesday said that all such exercises are futile and are not going to yield any result.

“The Indian occupational state has been portraying that the youth in Kashmir are paid to protest and resist the occupation, and those picking up arms take such a decision in absence of any employment opportunities,” a spokesperson of DeM, Riffat Fatima said: “They are lying and making fools out of their own people. People in Kashmir are self sufficient and those resorting arms do not take such decision out of ‘fear of their future’ and least employment opportunities.”

“Mujahideen do not work for money. The youth who have chosen the path of Jihad belong to self sufficient and well off families,” she said. She said that the fact is that Kashmir is a disputed territory which is illegally occupied the Hindu brahmin occupier at the behest of more than one million forces. “Meetings between army and police or even civil societies will not yield any result and are rather futile till India does to end the forcible military occupation.” Fatima said that the current generation, which is at the forefront of protests, has grown during the most brutal times. “We as Kashmiri muslims particularly the youth are fighting the brutal military occupation to free ourselves from the chains of slavery.”

She said that voice for freedom of Kashmir reverberates from every corner of the valley in unison. Meanwhile terming the shifting of DeM top brass including its chairperson Asiya Andrabi, Secretary General Nahida Nasreen and Media Secretary Sofi Fehmeeda to Mandoli jail in Delhi as political vendetta, she said: “Baji has served detentions time and again. Keeping Baji and her companions in Jammu and Kashmir jails did not satiate the thirst of the bloody occupational machinery and therefore they were shifted to Mandoli jail.” She said that Baji and her family have rendered numerous sacrifices and will continue to do so in future. “Shifting her to Mandoli is not going to break the determination and firm resolve of Baji sahiba,” she said.

“Oppression does not last long and has to end one day,” Fatima said. Fatima said that Indian occupational army is busy in culling the younger generation in the name of self defence and other similar and ridiculous arguments. Paying exemplary tributes to Mujahid Ghulam Hassan alias Noor Khan of Uri for his indelible sacrifices, Fatima prayed for peace to the departed soul and paid for forbearance to the family. Noor Khan passed away in Kot Balwal jail Jammu and Tuesday where he was serving detention under notorious Public Safety Act. He was 70 years old. Fatima said that the sacrifices of the people of Kashmir will not go waste and that they will bear fruit one day, Insha Allah. “We need to exhibit steadfastness till we achieve our goal,” she said and appealed people to demonstrate resolve till the last indian occupational soldier quits Kashmir.