Congress Party believes in peace, unity and development of State : Usman Majid | KNO

Congress Party believes in peace, unity and development of State : Usman Majid | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Sate General Secretry of Pradesh Congress Committee and MLA Bandipora Usman Majid here on today said that Congress Party believes in Peace, unity and development of all the three regions of the Sate.

In a Statement issued here, Majid said that Congress will continue to work for peace and normalcy in Jammu &Kashmir, besides highlighting the miseries of people in all the three regions Jammu , Kashmir & Ladakh for their resolution. Majid said that, Congress is emerging as a strong alternative in all three regions of the state especially in Present Situation, when PDP-BJP Dispensation has utterly failed and stands exposed on all fronts after the end of their power politics in the state.

He said that PDP & BJP have committed a sort of sin by throwing dust in the eyes of the electorate by giving different slogans in order to secure their votes but later threw all those slogans into the dustbin to share power and now blaming on each other after destroying Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that Previous Dispensation has pushed people to the wall, as unemployment has increased, prices have risen and developmental activities have suffered a huge dent. He said that Previous PDP-BJP coalition government are fully committed to power but have failed to feel the pulse and Pain of people who are totally fed up with their opportunistic politics. He said Congress is committed to stated position of maintaining integrity of the State and is capable of defeating the forces harming the tradition of unity, together & brotherhood in the State.