Article 35-A : Is storm in the offing? | KNO

Article 35-A : Is storm in the offing? | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, Aug 30 (KNO) :  As the case regarding Article 35 A will be heard by the supreme court tommorow, all eyes are set on the outcome of hearing as to whether the court will defer the series of petitions or refer it to the constitutional bench. In case the court refers it to the bench, that means the case wont be dismissed and that's something which can spark the fire in the already strife ravaged state.

The joint resistance leadership has already called for mass agitation if adverse decision comes from the apex court. Kashmir is already in the edge. A senior lawyer said that Supreme court has a prerogative either to defer the series of petitions seeking scrapping of state subject laws or it will send it to constitutional bench. "If the case is refered that's enough to start mass agitation," said the lawyer.

The question is that can Kashmir afford another agitation as the region has come out of mass agitation triggered by the killing of new age militant commander Burhan Wani. Since then Kashmir has been on the brink of collapse of economy as there is hardly any tourism let alone business as it used to be. Though the annual Yatra passed off peacefully but the clouds of uncertainitity always hovered over the place in the form of encounters, killings and protests.

"The tempers in Kashmir are already high and just a trigger can bring the storm. And just refering the petition to constitutional bench is enough to invite the storm," a political analyst said.