Either side with us or quit job : Reyaz Naikoo asks Police | KNO

‘We have released all your relatives only to give you message, we can do anything’
Either side with us or quit job : Reyaz Naikoo asks Police | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, Aug 31: (KNO) :  Hizbul Mujahideen commander for operations Reyaz Naikoo accused police of unleashing terror across Kashmir and siding with India and asked police as to whether they wanted to fight militants or their families. “Clarify, whether you want to fight us or our families.

In both cases, we are ready. Police men have to live in the society at the end of the day. By siding with the India, you are damaging the sacred mission of militants. Till today, we were treating you as our own people, but you are the worst enemies of Kashmir cause more worst than army and other forces,” he said.

Naikoo in an audio clip released here, that is in possession of (KNO), said that if policemen cant support the freedom struggle, they should not oppose it too. “Be what you were in 1990,” he said. “Dont force us to impose a blanket ban on jobs in police and then wherever we would find policemen, he will be killed.”

He said militants have released all the relatives of policemen just to send “you the message, our next step would be more tougher.”