Jama’at condemns arrest of militant relatives, damaging properties | KNO

Jama’at condemns arrest of militant relatives, damaging properties | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar (KNO) : Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses its deep anguish and anxiety over the ever increasing atrocities and highhandedness being committed by the Indian forces deployed and scattered all over the valley in lacs, upon the oppressed people in order to suppress their genuine demand for holding the plebiscite as promised to them by the Indian government long back in 1947 and 1948.

So far more than one lac Kashmiris stand killed or disappeared in government custody at the hands of these unruly and merciless forces besides devastating the property worth billions of rupees.

The international community has utterly failed to ensure justice to Kashmiris or protect their fundamental rights only because the majority of the people are Muslims. Had it been any other community, India would have been compelled to fulfill its covenants made thereto! The Organization of Islamic Countries is a powerless body brought into existence to safeguard the interests of the most of the ruling elite in the Muslim countries who are least bothered about the suffering of the Muslim Ummah. Most of these rulers support the oppressors instead of the oppressed Muslim masses in order to please their mentors sitting in Washington, London, Moscow, Geneva, and other centers of anti-Islamic powers.

In order to defeat the genuine struggle of the people here, the Indian establishment is on the one hand, committing unbearable tyrannies upon the masses and on the other hand framing vicious plans to change the demography and thereby make the natives too bankrupt to stand for and survive the ongoing struggle.

The purpose of filing petitions before the Supreme Court of India for abrogation of Artcile 370 and 35A guaranteeing the special status of the state granted at the time of the forced but temporary accession of J and K with India with the condition that as soon as the circumstances become normal, the people here will be provided the right of self-determination.

After the passage of some years, the Indian establishment backtracked from its covenants. The Supreme Court of India had no jurisdiction over Jammu and Kashmir but due to the treachery of the so called rulers here so many laws were extended here in order to weaken the special status for their nefarious ends. All the draconian laws were implemented here by these unreliable imposed leaders from Delhi making the illegal and unwarranted occupation stronger than ever. Now even local cases are investigated in Delhi after NIA was given a free hand by these unscrupulous representatives.

Jama’at-e-Islami appeals the common masses to remain vigilant to the situation and not to get swayed by such deceptive elements again.

Jama’at also strongly condemns the arrest of the relatives of militants and damaging their properties for no fault of theirs which has no place in a civilized democratic country ruled by law. Can any organized legal system allow such lawlessness in the name of the security of the state? Jama’at asks this question to the saner people of India and appeals them to rise against this unruly behavior.

Jama’at also condemns the arrest of two sons of Salah-ud-Deen who has left home and hearth some twenty five years back and demands their immediate release along with the other political detainees lodged in Tihar jail and other jails of Jammu and Kashmir including Asiya Andrabi and her other two colleagues Nahida Nasreen and Fahmeeda Sofi. Jama’at asks the local administration to stop vandalizing the properties of the local people and human rights violations.