CJM Srinagar picks holes in police investigations into Major Gogoi's case | KNO

Says probe conducted without ascertaining facts, Sameer Mall's role
CJM Srinagar picks holes in police investigations into Major Gogoi's case | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

SRINAGAR, SEP 1 (KNO) : The Chief Judicial Magisterate (CJM) Srinagar Aijaz Ahmed Khan in his order into the application filed by chairman International Forum for Justice and Human Rights (IFJHR), Muhammad Ahsan Untoo, stated that the investigations into the casee of Major Leetul Gogoi has been conducted in a very casual manner without ascertaining the facts and the case needs further investigations.

In an order issued today here, a copy of which is with (KNO), the CJM Srinagar, said that it appears that the investigation in the matter has been conducted in a very casual manner without ascertainign the real facts. “Role of Sameer Malla, an army personnel, has not been ascertained by the investigating agency as to why he accompanied the girl to the hotel,” the order reads.

“As per the statement recorded  efore the executive magisterate during enquiry, Major Gogoi had uploaded his name as Ubaid Armani thereby creating a fake face book account which aspect of the matter also needs to be investigated in terms of IT act.”

The order issued by the CJM further states that SHO police Station Khanyar was directed to investigate the matter  in light of the contents of the application which prima facie appears have not been done in tune with the relevant provisions of the law. “Keeping in view the contents of the applicationa dn the report submitted by the concerned police stgation, I am of the considered view that the matter needs further investigation, in light of the observations mentioned above.

SHO police station concerned shall submit a detaield report by or before next date of hearing on September 18.” The Chairman IFJHR had filed an application before the CJM on May 23 when Major Gogoi was spoted with a local girl at a Srinagar hotel with another local soldier Sameer Malla. Gogoi had booked a room in the hotel but there was a verbal dual after the hotel staff barred the local girl from entering into the hotel. Interestingly, the army’s court of inquiry recently held Major Gogoi accountable for fraternisign with a  local girl and staying away from his place of duty which is an operational area.

The CoI also advocated a disciplinary action and a court marshal against Major Gogoi. Talking to reporters, outside the CJM court, Untoo while hailign the court order said that he was not agaisnt any person but against the crime and the criminal needs to be booked when his or her crime is proved. “Those who rewarded Major Gogoi must read the entire order. I think, this order is a slap for those who rewarded Major Gogoi,” Untoo said.