Police oppressing Kashmiris at multiple levels to crush movement : DeM | KNO

Police oppressing Kashmiris  at multiple levels to crush movement : DeM | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Tuesday said that police is using oppression of multiple forms and on multiple fronts to crush the genuine aspirations and the freedom movement in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement, the spokesperson of DeM, Riffat Fatima said that the occupational forces in the garb of Mujahideen presence launched crackdown on civilian population in Pulwama and brutalised young and old, men and women and vandalised the properties by damaging the vehicles, and burning houses.

“From fourteen year old kids to 85 year old people were thrashed by the terrorists in uniform. Even the womenfolk was not spared,” she said. She said that the indian occupational forces used live ammunition and pellets on the civilians injuring dozens of them who are either in Srinagar hospitals or Pulwama hospital.

“Fayaz Ahmad, the civilian who was hit by a bullet in his head was coming out of his home when he was shot at. It is a cold blooded murder,” she said. Reiterating that Jammu and Kashmir is a police state, Fatima said that the occupational army is committing a genocide of the people of Kashmir.

“Actually they want to wipe out Kashmiris. They want to kill every single individual here,” she said. Fatima said that the occupational army, besides murdering the civilians, does not even spare the animals.

“There are many incidents where the occupational forces burnt down the animals of the villagers where they had laid a crackdown. Recently, in Langate, the occupational army said that they had engaged mujahideen in a encounter, however it turned out to be a hoax later.

They had actually killed and burnt down the animals. She said that the occupational forces have launched an all out war against the civilian population of Jammu and Kashmir and they are being targeted by bullets, pellets and other shells.

“The government of India is trying to terrorise the people of Kashmir and get them into submission so that we do not raise the genuine demand of freedom from India.

” Condemning the arrest of Kashmir Narrator assistant editor, Asif Sultan, Fatima said that the occupational state is not even allowing the media to work freely.

“They are afraid that the genuine voices of Kashmir are reaching the world. They do not like it and want it curbed.” However, Fatima said that the suppressive tactics of the occupational army will not cow us down and rather it will further help us firm our resolve for freedom from Indian occupation.