Er. Rasheed seeks separate package for Chinab valley and Pir Panchal regions | KNO

Expresses grief over Kishtawar road accident
Er. Rasheed seeks separate package for Chinab valley and Pir Panchal regions | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Kupwara 14 Sept (KNO) : Expressing deep grief over road accident at Kishtawar leaving fifteen people dead and over a dozen injured, AIP President Er. Rasheed has accused successive governments of depriving people of Chinab valley of basic immunities including roads.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “the horrible accidents on Batote Kashtawar Highway and other roads in the region have become a routine matter and it is obvious that after every tragic incident government fails to do something concrete except offering traditional condemnations. All the previous governments and the current government owe an answer to the people of Chinab valley that why has been entire region left at the mercy of giant killer roads.

While every party who has been in power claims credit for doing much for the upliftment of the region but the deteriorating condition of Batote Khishtawar highway and other roads in the entire Chinab valley is horrible and a slap on their face. All the major parties have been treating people of this ill fated region nothing beyond their vote bank and often use their religious and ethnic sentiments. May BJP leadership answer what happened to the tall promises made with the people of the region when the entire region voted for them.”

Er. Rasheed appealed central government to provide a separate much needed package for the development of roads in Chinab valley and Pir Panchal regions in order to improve the connectivity and the quality of existing roads, so that precious human lives are saved and the people of these two neglected regions get other basic immunities.