Er. Rasheed visits family of slain Langate youth | KNO

Condemns the disrespect shown towards slain militant in Jammu
Er. Rasheed visits family of slain Langate youth | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Langate 15 Sept (KNO) : AIP President Er. Rasheed visited today family of slain Furqan Rashid Lone at Langate who was martyred at Guloora and offered his condolences with the family.

Er. Rasheed on the occasion reiterated that whosoever loses his life in the Kashmir conflict is because of the arrogance and the betrayal of New Delhi from its promises made with people of J&K from time to time. Er. Rasheed said “No one has more desire for peace getting established in J&K than the kashmiries themselves but unless New Delhi does not show will to resolve Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions, it is difficult for Kashmiris to reconcile”.

Er. Rasheed added that those giving sermons of peace have shown huge disrespect even towards the dead. He said “Army soldiers dragging the dead body of slain militant in Jagarkotli Jammu has exposed the tall claims of morality and ethics Indian army has been claiming to be adopting. Once even a worst enemy loses his life, all the animosity has to go, but whatsoever treatment was given to the body of the militant cannot be justified by any law, ethics, morality or even jungle raaj may not allow it. Bipin Rawat must respond to the incident and needs to make his soldiers clear that disrespecting your enemy after death makes no difference to the deceased person but those indulged in the immoral and inhuman act loose social sanctity”.

Er. Rasheed reiterated that New Delhi has to be accountable for every drop of blood and every killing and it is shameful that rather giving up ego and inviting stake holders for a meaningful dialogue, the Indian security agencies are being given liberty to kill innocents and celebrate the deaths.

He said “No Kashmiri wants to keep game of death and destruction alive but New Delhi through its security agencies leaves no stone unturned to provoke young teen agers and youth to take to arms. Those deriving entertainment from encounters and getting huge perks and awards for the killings need to introspect a lot”. Er. Rasheed appealed world community to ask New Delhi to come forward for a durable settlement of the dispute of J&K.