PDP pays glowing tributes to Karbala martyrs | KNO

‘Imam Hussain teaches us to fight against falsehood whether you are bit or bunch’
PDP pays glowing tributes to Karbala martyrs | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, Sep 20 (KNO) : Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of Karbala, terming their sacrifices supreme, sacred and foremost for humanity in the world to prosper.

On Thursday, party General Secretary Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura while presiding over the meet of the PDP leaders who had assembled to pay tributes to Imam Hussain and his companions, stated that the sacrifices rendered by the grandson of Prophet (SAW) has been acting as a torch bearer for the humanity for centuries to stand up firmly for righteousness and never undermine the principles of justice and uprightness. He added that it was Imam Hussian (A.S) who in the desert of Karbala taught people to respect strength and not power and prefer death if that is dignified rather than the life full of disgrace and humiliation.

““Hazrat Imam Husain A.S and scarifies of his companions teaches us to fight against falsehood, atrocities, injustice and prejudices till the last breath, no matter whether you are bit or bunch” Hanjura said in his address. PDP General secretary stated further that the tragedy of Karbala is a message truth always wins over the falsehood. “Therefore today after 1400 years we all say that Yazeed was and Hussain (A.S) is,” he added. Among other party leaders who spoke on the occasion were Abdul Hameed Kosheen, Nazir Ahmad Khan, Dr Ali Mohammad Khan and Ajaz Ahmad Raher.