Governor’s remarks vindicates our stand : Geelani | KNO

Governor’s remarks vindicates our stand : Geelani | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, October 06 (KNO) : Commenting on the recent statement of newly appointed governor of Jammu and Kashmir wherein he said that Kashmir has been mishandled by New Delhi, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday said that Kashmir has not only been mishandled but manhandled as well and governor’s acceptance vindicates our stand.

In a statement issued to (KNO), Geelani said that right from 1947 the issue has been seen only through the prism of law and order, while as aspirations and emotions of people have always been ignored. He said that "denial of the historical and ground realities and parroting the ‘Atoot Ang’ rhetoric was the biggest blunder, India made, giving birth to a tragedy which has engulfed more than three generations of a helpless nation.

It has not only threatened the peace of the subcontinent but has also put the two nuclear nations at the verge of catastrophic collision."He said that governor has accepted half of the reality while in the same breath he has lied that people of Jammu and Kashmir have willfully and wishfully joined India, which is totally baseless and in contrast to the ground realities. "Had these assertions any standing then more than a million forces with latest weaponry would not be patrolling every street here, then draconian laws like AFSPA, PSA, and Disturbed Area Act etc.

would not have been enforced, every patch of land here would not have been soaked in blood of Kashmiries, more than 10 thousand innocents would not have been disappeared after arresting them in the broad-day-light in presence of their family, more than 800 unmarked graves would not have been declared a gross human rights violation by word community, rape and molestation of women would not have been used as a weapon of war, hundreds of martyr’s graveyards would not have been spread through length and breadth of vale, and there would not have been any mass uprising especially in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2016 where hundreds of people mostly school going teenagers got killed by bullets, blinded by pallets and injured by Indian and state armory, thousands of pro-freedom workers and leaders would not be languishing in far flung jails and interrogation centers in and outside state, above all there would not have been more than 18 United Nations resolutions signifying and certifying the disputed nature of the state, there was no need for UN to establish their office in Kashmir -----the list is long," he said. He said that comparing resistance movement with LTTE is ridiculous, unrealistic and misleading.

"Our moment is a legitimate struggle for our basic rights guaranteed by world community fed by the blood and honour of thousands of our youth for the last 71 years," he said.He further said that had the military might and latest weaponry been able to dent the will and vigour for freedom, India itself would have never dreamed of freedom from British colonial rule.Commenting on governors statement about talks, Geelani said that India was never interested in any meaningful and result oriented talks and whenever any such attempt was made from any quarter particularly Pakistan, it shied away on one or the other pretext.

He said that "drama of talks has been going on for the last 71 years without an iota of any positive change on ground because India's arrogance, expansionism and denial mode has been the cornerstone of their futility and unyielding."He reiterates his stand that "elections can in no way be a substitute for right to self determination and no power on earth can deter us from achieving our goal."Meanwhile, congratulating Main Qayoom for being elected as Jammu Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) president for record 20th time, Geelani said that commitment, honesty and steadfastness makes Qayoom a tallest and distinguished legal luminary in the state.

He said the Bar has always been on forefront and stood by their nation through every thick and thin. He also congratulated others as well for being elected.He also wished all of them his best with the hope that newly elected office bearers will uphold the high reputation of Bar and will try their level best to help this bruised nation.(KNO)