DeM strongly condemns the massacre in Kulgam | KNO

After killing innocents under vehicles and by bullets, India is using bombs to kill Kashmiris'
DeM strongly condemns the massacre in Kulgam | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, October 21 (KNO) In a statement issues to (KNO), DeM spokesperson, Rifat Fatima, said that though the police claims that the civilians died in a bomb blast near the encounter site, it was actually a new tactic to hide the massacre of Kashmiris by the Indian brutal forces. "

Before this police never allowed civilians to go close to the encounter site and bullets and pellets on civilians were showered atleast a kilometer away from the site. How was it possible that today the civilians were allowed to go near the encounter site where the police claims that the bomb took off," she questioned. She said that this is the new tactic to kill Kashmiris after mowing us down under vehicles and showering bullets and pellets on us. She said that hundreds have received serious injuries in the incident. " District hospitals in Kulgam and Islamabad are full of injured and so are the hospitals in Srinagar.

This is nothing but genocide of Kashmiris using one tactic or the other," she added. She further said that in Murran chowk, Pulwama, the occupational forces went berserk and user so much force that people living there had to flee from their homes. She said that India is committing genocide in Kashmir on daily basis and the world is watching like a mute spectator. Today's massacre is an another example of India' ls brutal use of force in Kashmir. " No amount of condemnation can be enough when it comes to denouncing Indian oppression in Kashmir, Rifat added.(KNO)