Governor crossing his domain : Er. Rasheed | KNO

Says Bipin Rawat’s 1971 remarks reveal a lot, Forgetting his own appointment is unconstitutional
Governor crossing his domain : Er. Rasheed | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Karnah 28 October (KNO) : Reminding J&K Governor Mr. Satpal Malik not to forget that even his own appointment as Governor of J&K is unconstitutional as per instrument of temporary accession, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that Governor’s revelations and concerns about ill governance, backdoor entries and other administrative failures are nothing new but whatsoever has been happening here during past seventy years has the full patronage of New Delhi. Those ruling the state have made fortunes out of sufferings of Kashmiri people with full consent of New Delhi, only to ensure that its proxies enjoy a wealthy and charming life.

While talking to the mourners at the residence of Ashiq Hussain Zargar at Tulwari Langate today who was martyred with Manan Wani few days ago, Er. Rasheed said “Governor by his daily based untruthful statements on behest of New Delhi is trying to prove that Kashmir dispute is about governance but the fact is that J&K dispute is a political issue and needs a resolution through right to self determination. Let Mr. Malik not forget that a particular class of politicians and bureaucrats have been given free hand all the times to suppress voices of masses. The job of the governor is not to speak about political issues but he has a limited role till the democratically elected government is in place. Whatsoever Mr. Malik is speaking day in and day out is not his domain and he is just speaking only what his masters in New Delhi ask him to speak.

Does S.P Malik not know that J&K had its own prime minster and president rather getting someone like Satpal Malik as governor thrusted upon them.” Er. Rasheed dared Governor to probe the assets of IAS and IPS officers also who have been serving here and like few Kashmiri local officers they too have taken undue advantage of political dispute. Later in the day while interacting with various deputations in Karnah valley Er. Rasheed while reacting to Bipin Rawat’s claim that Pakistan is taking revenge of India’s role in independence of Bangladesh by supporting Kashmiris said that Mr. Rawat has spoken partial truth. He said “Mr. Rawat should not forget that Pakistan is a party to the dispute and one third of J&K is under control of Pakistan, as such Pakistan has to be taken on board for the final settlement.

Mr. Rawat knows better that from UN resolutions to Shimla and Tashkand agreements Pakistan has been accepted as one of the stake holders to the J&K dispute. However if Mr. Rawat really feels Pakistan is creating trouble in Kashmir to take revenge of India’s role in partition of Pakistan then he must collect courage to own the guilt of getting more than one lac. Kashmiris killed and huge properties destroyed in J&K. Mr. Rawat has given a moral right to Pakistan in doing all that what India calls interference in India’s internal affairs. If that is the case New Delhi should confess that by facilitating partition in Pakistan it has put the entire sub-continent to flames and should apologize sooner than later for making Kashmir a battle field”.(KNO)