Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Shabir Sideeqi, others remembered on their anniversary | KNO

Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Shabir Sideeqi, others remembered on their anniversary  | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, March 30 (KNO): Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Saturday recalled the sacrifices of Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Shabir Sideequi and others on their anniversary. Acting chairman of JKLF Abdul Hameed Butt, as per a statement issued to KNO said Ashfaq Majeed Wani was a born leader and the days and years of his life from 6th September 1966 to 30th march 1990 are glaring testimony of his greatness. “Wani was a humble slave of almighty Allah who whenever took a step, took it in the way of truth and justice. He was a symbol of courage, fearlessness, piousness, passion and resistance against illegal occupation and injustice,” he said, adding that “torture cells, jails and other oppressive measures were not able to deter him from his path and he stood firm in the way of freedom movement till his martyrdom.” “People who think that people’s revolution in 1990 was only an outcome of some election rigging are mistaken. In fact the struggle for freedom led by Ashfaq Majeed Wani was not the outcome of any election error only but it was an ongoing process which was spigot speeded up by Shaheed father of Kashmiri nation Muhammad Maqbbol Butt‘s martyrdom in 1984,” he said. Butt said that it was Ashfaq Majeed Wani’s gallant leadership in 1988 that gave courage to hundreds and thousands of young men to stand up for the cause of freedom and independence. “Wani led this people’s revolution in 1990 and changed the 5000 year old history of Kashmir. It was his leadership that united a nation which was tagged as coward and inactive, for a just cause and history bears a witness to the fact that thousands of young Kashmiris followed Ashfaq Majeed Wani and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their nation and till today this course of sacrifices is going on unabated and on daily basis our young heroes are sacrificing their lives for the righteous cause,” he said.(KNO)