Only NC can save state’s special status, revolution needed: Dr Farooq | KNO

Only NC can save state’s special status, revolution needed:  Dr Farooq | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar, March 30 (KNO) : National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said their need of revolution to thwart efforts to destroy special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in constitution of India. According to KNO correspondent, Abdullah was addressing a gathering of party functionaries, block presidents and a segment in charges of Srinagar. “The leadership of the country who liberated the nation from colonial clutches bequeathed us with a secular and progressive constitution. They idealized an idea of India that was deemed to be for all, where everyone lives with dignity; where caste and religion would not have fettered anyone’s socio-economic advancement,” he said. “However there are forces as are disposed to tarnish the very secular visage of India. The agenda of BJP-RSS is all exclusive; they have all along shown consternation for the secular and progressive ideals of the Constitution of India,” he added. Party President while underscoring the significance of the constitutional safeguards including Art-370, Art 35-A. “However no sooner we returned to power, the unrelenting erosion of our special status ceased to end. However, our absence from the power corridors of our state gave all the forces as is inimical to the state’s unique character and integrity a field day to fiddle with our status. “The countless miseries that were inflicted on Kashmiris in PDP-BJP government will take years to heal. Now Mehbooba Mufti is again up to the same gimmickry, she masters; this time we should not fall prey to her theatrics,” he said.(KNO)