RTI activist demands inquiry in DIET supplied to indoor patients in Jammu hospitals | KNO

RTI activist demands inquiry in DIET supplied to indoor patients in Jammu hospitals  | KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Jammu, April 16 (KNO) : A Jammu RTI activist has urged government to look into the hospital DIET supplies to patients as the prices for Vegetarian food charged in Jammu hospitals is almost double as compared the charges in Srinagar hospitals for non Vegetarian food. According to KNO correspondent, Balviner Singh, an RTI activist from Jammu was addressing a presser when he made accusations that overpricing is taking place while tender is being provided to a specific person as well. "It is clearly mentioned in the contract that the contractor will distribute DIET to the inpatients from Bed-to-Bed basis but the same is not being done. The distribution was made in the verandah with the result the patients who don't have any attendant with him some times, couldn't get DIET because of inability to move due to sickness," he said. According to Singh, he is basing his accusations on RTI replies. "Governor should order time bound inquiry to look into how the supply of DIET is given at so high rates as compared to the Non Veg DIET being given to the indoor patients at SKIMS," Singh said. Singh also urged for a stern action against the MS and management of all the hospitals for not providing egg and milk to the patient’s even after charging 45% more than the DIET being charged in Srinagar Hospital. "SAC should also inquire how the same contractor is supplying the DIET to the hospital for the last so many years," Singh said. He said that while SKIMS hospital is giving one cup tea, 2 bread slice and one boiled egg in the breakfast, rice, chicken veg, saag five days a week. In the lunch, One cup tea and two bread slices in the evening tea and Rice, chicken with curry, veg, five days a week in the dinner and are charging in an average of Rs 91 per day per patient. While as GMC Jammu said that giving Dal Sabzi to indoor patients for ‘Rs 134 without evening tea, which is more than 45% higher than the rates for non veg diet being given by SKIMS.(KNO)