Communication Gag: ‘Defunct’ Websites under threat from hackers |KNO

Hackers can easily get access, post whatever they want; login authorization can be compromised easily due to the internet suspension, say Web developers
Communication Gag: ‘Defunct’ Websites under threat from hackers    |KNO

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

Srinagar Sep 21 (KNO): With no access to the internet services to the valley based web portal administrators of several business houses, the threat from hackers has increased manifold with web administrators claiming that their official information can be easily compromised. According to wire service—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the ongoing internet clampdown have eased the job of hackers to a great extent. “Presently due to the internet and cellular services suspension, any unauthorized notification or warning cannot be reported to the administrators of the websites giving a complete freedom to the hackers to break in to any portal, post anything they want, and access any vital information,” a Aijaz Ahmed, a web developer. Umer Ashraf, a website administrator from Srinagar, said that due to the ongoing communication gag he doesn’t remember when it was the last time he logged in to his corporate website as even he have forgotten the user ID and password of the same web portal. “While being surrounded by various uninvited challenges this hacking issue never came to my mind which is a great matter of concern for me and my business,” Ashraf told KNO. He said that he receives around 8000 visitors every day on his official website to access the ongoing offers, products, orders, and new launches of their business organization. He further told the KNO, “The state administration should think about this challenging issue as our business is at stake and if our official websites gets hacked all our vital information will get accessed even our bank account details and transfers.” Ayaan Ahmad, a website developer told the wire service—KNO, “ The ongoing internet and cellular gag is a major loophole in the security aspect of the website and this can led to hacking at ease without letting anyone know about it. This is what a hacker always dream about.” He said that every website contains vital information about the business which can be accessed and the hacker can post anything he wants and that too can create trouble not only for the company but for the state as well. He further told KNO that, “My job is create a website on a particular domain but the security measures are always available to the concerned administrator of every site, but to perform this role he must be able to access the authorized number and internet at all times.”(KNO). Day 47: Life remains crippled; business, education, tourism, transport worst hit Despite hectic efforts, officials fail to woo students’ for attending classes Gowhar Nazir Srinagar Sep 21 (KNO): Normal life has come to a grinding halt across Kashmir for the 47th consecutive day with all business establishments, schools closed while as the public transport continues to remain off the roads. The cellular and internet gag also continues to be in suspension mode since past seven weeks. According to wire service—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the revocation of the Article 370 and bifurcation of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir through a Presidential order which sparked spontaneous shutdown in the Kashmir region and till date normal life continues to remain badly affected. However, some private vehicles were seen plying on the different routes in the city amid thin deployment of paramilitary forces and barricades were also placed at various places of downtown area. Official sources told KNO that there are no curbs and restrictions on the movement of the people and traffic though the restrictions under section 144 CrPC, which prohibits the assembling of four or more people, were imposed in some volatile areas of the valley to prevent any law and order situation. Meanwhile, the people of the valley continue to witness the ongoing communication gag including mobile internet services, broadband internet services, the lease line services and VSAT as well causing great inconveniences to the people from all walks of the valley. The valley based schools also remain closed due to absence of public transport which compelled most of the students to stay away from their schools despite the concerned authorities announced the reopening of Schools up to the class 10th. An official told KNO that hectic efforts are being made by the officials of education department to woo students to their respective schools, but to no avail. “Attendance of students in almost over 4000 schools continue to be thin even though staff remain present,” an official revealed. Even as the spontaneous shutdown has entered seventh straight week, education, transport, tourism and business has been worst hit. (KNO)