Mirwaiz once again barred from delivering Friday Sermon at Jama Masjid | KNO

Mirwaiz once again barred from delivering Friday Sermon at Jama Masjid | KNO

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Mirwaiz said it is basically aimed at reducing the 75% Muslim majority of the state into a minority and change the basic character of the state in order to undermine and deeply affect its disputed nature. He said it being done under a deliberate plan and is part of the much flaunted "final  solution " to the Kashmir dispute by the Indian state led by the RSS.

Mirwaiz said it is a very serious and critical matter and pro India regional parties are duty bound to the people of JK not to allow it to happen and it is their responsibility to ensure that such designs are thwarted and resisted and the special status of the state protected at all cost.

Mirwaiz said otherwise people will hit the streets as there is no way such measures will be tolerated by them, consequences of which will again be the sole responsibility of these parties.

Mirwaiz said for past 70 years people of JK have been striving and struggling and hugely sacrificing to make GOI accept the reality of the Kashmir dispute and make them fulfill their commitment to the people of Kashmir before the world community . He said it is the duty of every Kashmiri to safeguard these sacrifices and play their role in resolution of the dispute.

Mirwaiz said since last year more than 160 civilians have been killed with impunity by the Indian forces while thousands became victim to pellet guns and lost their eyes and limbs.

Mirwaiz said those in power especially the PDP should realize that their weaknesses for power is making people of Kashmir pay dearly and history will never forgive them if they continue in this manner.

In the meantime under Joint Resistance Leadership programme a protest rally was held outside Jama Masjid  after Friday Prayers where strong protest was raised against the plans of changing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, altering demography here and atrocities by the government against the people of Kashmir.

Rich tributes were paid to Shaheed-e- azeemat Sheikh Abdul Aziz on his 9th Martydom anniversary in a prayer meeting held at Martyrs Graveyard Eidgah Srinagar in which several Hurriyat Leaders and people participated.