Suu Kyi's bid to compare Myanmar situation with Kashmir is ridiculous & absurd | KNO

Hoshiarpur- Terming India's indifferent approach towards Rohingyas refugees as wrong and cruel, the Dal Khalsa said the silence of New Delhi on the violence unleashed on Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar is criminal.
Suu Kyi's bid to compare Myanmar situation with Kashmir is ridiculous & absurd | KNO

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Taking a dig at India's decision to deport Muslim Rohingyas, party leader H S Dhami said they were being targeted for their religion. He said it seems the reason for BJP led government's refusal is that theirs march towards Hindutva will be diluted by accommodating largely Muslim Rohingyas.



He questioned why India has allowed Tibetans to settle in the country besides minorities from Afghanistan and Hindus from Sri Lanka. 


He urged the Indian state to adopt humanistic approach and listen to the pleas of refugees who had pleaded New Delhi to consider them as humans, not Muslims. “Ironically, India is siding with oppressor, leaving the stateless and homeless Rohingyas in the lurch”.


He said the reports suggests that for the last three weeks, Buddhist-majority Myanmar has systematically slaughtered civilians belonging to the Rohingya Muslim minority, forcing 270,000 to flee to neighboring Bangladesh — with Myanmar soldiers shooting at them even as they cross the border. He said the tragedy is that all these killings have not shamed the 'Nobel peace prize winner' referring to state counsellor Aung Suu Kyi. 



He further said Dal Khalsa is at pains to see once oppressed is now part of oppressor regime. He said Suu Kyi's bid to compare the situation in the restive Rakhine state of Myanmar with Indian occupied Kashmir was ridiculous and absurd. “The lady's present role betrays the contribution and sacrifices she offered for the cause of democracy, freedom and human rights", said Dhami.