"Zahid Khalil Bandh (Social Activist) appeals world community to raise voice against the persecution of Rohingi Muslims in Mynamar" | KNO

Known Social Activist Zahid Khalil Bandh expressing the anguish over the genocide of Muslims in Mynamar has termed the silence of world as criminal act and has said that world community should pay their respective role for immediate stop of persecution of muslims in Mynamar.

Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

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He said that in Mynamar muslims including

young children, women and men, the old and the disabled are all being tortured, set on fire, raped, murdered and their  houses burned. This torture is done only due to the Rohingyas faith particularly the religion practised (Islam) which the army and the government deem foreign to the state’s religion which is Buddhism. It has forced tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslim to flee their country and become refugees in neighboring states and suffer uncertainty and great hardships of late the killing and persecution by the Myanmar military has intensified forcing tens of thousands of Rohingya civilians to flee from their own land", Zahid said.
Zahid  questioned the criminal silence and inaction observed by the international community over the brutal killing and persecution of Rohingya Muslims at the hands of majority community of Myanmar, stating that it extremely unjust that Rohingyas are being hounded and killed for their religious beliefs and there is little concern among the world community or the Muslims countries who are all watching this humanitarian tragedy unfold as mute spectators. It is highly regrettable.”
Zahid said the Organization of Islamic countries should break its criminal silence over such a serious issue confronting a large Muslim population of Rohingyas and play its role to stop their killings and persecution by the Myanmar state.
Zahid urged the world community and international human rights bodies to do their duty and come to rescue of Rohingya Muslims by putting pressure on Myanmar Government and its military to stop the hate killings and persecution of Rohingya Muslims and let them live peacefully in their own land.